A story of young chameleon girl that was on quest to enroll in the royal army. After saving the king from a mosquito. She got enrolled among the elite special army.

Agakombe kanjye

It is baby picture book of a baby who was in love with his cup and carried it everywhere.

Mama niyanduje

Toddler picture book of a kid whom after getting dirty, had to run to his mum to report himself.

Level: Pre-primary

Ubucuti bw'intare n'imbeba

It is a story of two friends “a lion and a mouse”. They were challenged by the famine to the extent of breaking up their friendship. But later, they learnt to ask for forgiveness and forgave each other.

Umuseke utambitse

A fictitious story in a conversation between a boy and her mum on what is the dawn.


It is a baby picture book. It is for babies to learn how to interpret image at early age and getting used to books.


A story of chimpanzee like animal, that was on quest to be a hero at the royal competition of shooting the arrow. Some animals discouraged him while other helped him to win.

Ubucuti bwa Mpyisi na Ntama

A story of a sheep and a hyena who challenged the normal hatred between them and became friends.


It is a book of pictures written and taken by students from primary school about feelings.

Izuba mu icupa

A story of a girl who had to invent a story that the sun has fallen and she is on a quest to put it back in sky so that the animals may not the coin she had planned to use to buy “Hobe” newsletter to read.

Ni iyihe igira amata meza?

It is fictitious story of rivalry between a cow and pig of who had the best milk.

Nzaba nde?

A picture book taken by children to showcase about professions they would like to follow.

Muteteri na runonko

A story of a young girl who wanted to learn and cook in “Runonko”. Also, known as “wonder stove”. With her friends help, they built it and cooked sweet potatoes in.


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