Igare ryanjye

A young boy testimonial who had a challenge to learn how to ride a bike in one week in order to be able to take himself to school.

Inzozi za Sugira

It is a fictitious story book that teaches children about oral care in a unique and biological way.


A story of a toddler who describes for us the environment of her home.

Impano idasanzwe

A book encouraging young children to stand up for their talents no matter the challenges.

Kujya ku ishuri

A picture book illustrating and teaching the basic directions through heading to school.

Kibuno mpa amaguru

Fictitious story about a dog and a cat. It teaches about dignity and fighting for rights at young age.


A fictional story of a curious girl who wanted to know more about “Igisabo”. A cultural and traditional instrument used to turn oil from milk.

Kanyange na Nyiramurobyi

A story of a girl that saved baby white pelicans. And at the end, she was saved by the mother pelican too. It teaches children to help each other.

Inyoni zanjye

A story of a girl who had memorized the colors of the birds that lived in a neighboring tree.


A story of a courageous young girl living with visual impairment. She had ambitions of directing herself to school without company. And she did it.

Kiki na Nene

It is a story of two siblings “Kiki na Nene”. Kiki lost a toy of Nene, and the latter was angry at him until the animal friends had to intervene and reunite them. It teaches about friendship and forgiveness.

Uri umwana mwiza

A book that shows the basic good behaviors that every child should have.

Fora ndi nde

It is an alphabet book, animals and a fun game of guessing what’s next.


A book about animals adapting the game “Agati” by kids. It consists of two groups running against each other with a stick as one of the tools.

Uko navuye ku ibere

It is a fictitious story of how the protagonist left breastfeeding due to the love of books.


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