Our Vision


Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd aims at being not only Rwandan but also the international hub of knowledge and fun through books.


Our Mission

Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd is an author to reader centered business. We strive to create a comfortable creative refuge for authors and a healthy, fantastic well of fun and knowledge to the readers.

Our Strategy


Serving with integrity and quality

Business goals and objectives

Putting a book in every Rwandan hand from babies to mature people

Business strategy

Take care of the author, the author will provide for the reader

Economic intent

Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd is profit book publishing business.

About us

Company background

What is Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd today, started as Mudacumura Group Co. Ltd back in 2013. It was founded by a recent graduate, Fiston Mudacumura from former National University of Rwanda in the department of Modern Languages and Publishing.

Immediately, the company never started its operations due to lack of expertise in book publishing. In the meantime, the founder got an experimental job in another publishing House “Bloo Books” from which he was introduced to Rwanda Children’s Book Initiative (A project from Save The Children that came with developing a local Children’s Publishing Industry in Rwanda in its mandates). After two years and half of trainings and practices, he was able to understand how the Children’s book publishing industry works in Rwanda.

End of 2015, He had a clear vision of where and what he wanted to do with his dormant company Mudacumura Group Co. Ltd. with a vision of building a successful book publishing company which will help in building literacy and the culture of reading in the Rwanda by publishing mainly in the local language. His focus in book publishing had him rename the company into Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd.

After a one year operation, Mudacumura Publishing House LTD has already been able to develop up to 26 titles of books of its own. And it is still striving to grow its book catalogues. Mudacumura Publishing House has also been able to participate in the publishing process of Andika Rwanda 2015 and Andika Rwanda 2016 (Writing competitions by EDC and REB, funded by USAID).


What the company does?

Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd provides a wide range of services related to book publishing industry. For example, authors provide manuscripts and Mudacumura Publishing House turns them into beautiful books that the end users or readers will want to buy and read. Such services include basic training in creative writing to authors, editing, illustrating, designing, marketing and sales of books, …Just anything to do with a book.


Corporate and Social Responsibility

Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd is a member of Rwanda Children’s Book Forum and Rwanda Reads community. These are all organizations that aim at building the literacy and the reading culture in Rwanda.

We have also started a project called “Well of Knowledge and fun”. It consists in renovating most of our old community wells and turning them into our Point of Sale for the books we publish. Yes, the books in our point of sales will be for sale, but once in a week during the weekend, the point of sale will serve a s a library where children and people form the community will come and read the books for free. We are still piloting it, once it goes well, we are planning to grow and reach throughout the country in all 2168 cells.

This project will be an eight-year project within the 2025 vision of Mudacumura Publishing House. This project will cost us between Eight hundred thousand Us Dollars (800,000$) and One million Us Dollars (1,000,000$) depending on the rate and value of the money in the eight years to come.



Caritas Bookshop (Downtown)

Haepi Bookshop (Downtown)

Ikirezi Bookshop (Ex-KBC)

SBD Bookshop (Gishushu)

Lumina Supermarket (Muhanga)

Mudacumura Point of Sale (Gatenga)

Arise Bookshop (Kimironko)

  Contact us

Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd

Tel: +25(0) 781422475

Email: mudacumurapublishing@gmail.com

Physical address: Kigali, Kicukiro, Gatenga, Rugari, KK46 st Ave 1

Postal address: 4074Kigali


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